Thursday, 26 March 2009

Today I felt fear.....

.... It is just 1 week until I turn 21 and just months until I move half way across the country to go to a uni where I know no one. Today I spent the day with about 12 16 to 18 year olds and they were so young! I dont mean that im old compared to them but god what a difference a couple of years make! I just didnt understand their behaviour and found it so difficult to relate to the little buggers when it really wasnt that long ago that I shared their views of the world and mindless chatter about 'getting pissed and crawling home' [yes one of them actually said that] I have suddenly found myself in a world where I am not the baby of the group anymore and its rather terrifying to be quite frank. Times are a changin'.

Been abusing the old moleskine today, here are a selection of pages for your enjoyment...

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  1. I sympathise with the 'not the baby of the group' thing. I went to art college late, too. Am 23 and most of the people I know are just turning 21. I rather like it, though. Am not the oldest by any means, and I have a bit more focus than a lot of the people who are there because I know, after a couple of years in the wilderness, that it's what I really want to do!

    Also congrats on Falmouth,

    And lovely drawings by the way xxx