Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Blood, gore, zombies, bleerrghh....

Those with a weak disposition look away now....

Blerrghhh, Its a shame the photos didnt turn out a bit better but as we all know my camera is trashed from being dropped every time I go out on my travels.

I was ever so happy with the way it turned out in the end. Was a bit worried as I would have liked to practice on other people a bit more but it was fine! It looked really gruesome in real life and most importantly the girl I worked on loved it and won the fancy dress competition apparently too!

OK soooo, I have my appointment at birmingham city uni to take my portfolio in tomorrow. Hoping all will go well, I cant see why it wouldnt at this late stage but hey ho we will have to see. Its funny because when I took my portfolio to Falmouth I didnt know what to include and kept trying to beef it up with rubbish whereas now im struggling to cut it down. Oh if I knew then what I know now.

Im not feeling particularly eloquent today so i shall leave it there rather than drivel on about random rubbish like how I finally caught a jelly on Viva Pinata today and..... oops never mind.

Love love xxx

P.S. I feel like learning a new word, please send any suggestions in on a postcard :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Update for August....

Well my prettys much has been happening in the world of April, The materials arrived that I ordered for the special fx makeup job I was spouting on about last time so I had a practice on my own face and have put a photo on here for your enjoyment. In the final piece her head will be covered with half a bald cap and the blood and gore shall be continued up onto it and down her neck and ear and also on her hand and arm. EXCITING.

I have also been slumming it in hospital which wasnt so fun but im out and well now which is all that matters. I have an interview on wednesday for a foundation course at Birmingham city university which im pretty confident about, I need to put my portfolio together for it which I plan on commencing this afternoon. I have also decided that I need to give myself a bit of a nudge up the backside now if I want to get into Falmouth next year so I am compiling an online portfolio so that I can write to publishers and galleries in and around the west midlands and get them to have a peek at my work as I really would like to have some work published by the time my interview for Falmouth comes around next year. If anyone has any tips on getting work illustrating books and such please let me know as Its time for action now. Similarly if anyone would like any work doing please get in touch, I have a very diverse range of skills that vary from paintings and sculpture to murals and body painting. I will give anything a go so drop me an email and we can go frome there. u_r_my_sunshine@hotmail.co.uk

I shall leave you with some random pieces from my sketchbook and such... xx

Monday, 13 July 2009

Its over...

Its officially the end of my college life. I shall mourn it on long cold nights. On a happy note though I completed the course and achieved all Distinctions which is the best you can get! Brilliant, now I just have to sort out all the sketchbooks/ sculptures/ body casts/ Junk that I have managed to accumulate over the last 2 years! Its so strange to look at some of the work I was doing as recently as just before christmas and compare it to what I am now producing. Hopefully when I look back in another years time I shall think the same of the work I currently create.

Oh got a pretty interesting commission going on at the moment, have been asked to do a bit of body art on a woman who saw some of my old pictures of experiments with body paints. She wants me to make her look like two face/ harvey dent from batman! Basically lots of burns and blood and bleeeeehhhh! Ive gotten really into it and have been searching high and low for materials to use on her. Should be interesting anyway. Will be carrying out some tests which I will post on here and then August the 8th I will be doing it for real. Exciting stuff!

Havnt been a very good blogger recently have I really, I have been meaning to put up photos of how the exhibition went a couple of weeks ago but everything has been a bit crazy what with finishing college and such. Oooo and I now am the proud owner of a lovely piano! But more of that another time. For now some photos of what my part of the exhibition looked like...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Spending the pennies I havnt got yet again!

Just preordered my copies of James Jeans Process Recess 3, Kindling poster book and Skrwl Triptych journals! Wont be with me for a few months yet but im still exciteddddd!

OK exhibition in 11 days and counting and am I ready? The short answer is no. Crazy things have been happening the last few weeks, been flinging glaze, covering young women in baby oil and plaster, Baking carrot cake, snogging a shitzu, cutting hair and having in depth emotional dialemmas which I am currently trying to put aside for debate at a later time... preferable after my head stops aching from the exhibition! More explainations later as I now have to get in the old power shower and get my bum to college. Oh joy, another bus journey in the depths of Coventry.

I promise to take photos today and get them up on here tomoroow night at some point as I have been doing some pretty interesting stuff recently.

Mwah xx

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My resolution for next week is...

...To stop being a bum and update my blog more often! I have no excuse as I have been doing plenty of work that I could post. IM JUST LASY.

Ok so you may have been wondering how I got on at my interview.... I flopped it :( I was too nervous and completely ballsed it up. But hey ho, ill be back again next year. Ive applied for a foundation course at Coventry university so ill be keeping myself on my toes untill I go back next year! Im going to pester them untill they just let me in to shut me up! Muaha!

Soooo, ive been experimenting with different styles and so far this is what ive come up with...
Im a bit all over the place at the moment and its reflecting in my work. I cant quite get my head down and do anything I actually give a crap about. Im pretty sure its because being rejected from Falmouth has had a bit of an affect on me but even though its has caused short term numbness of the brain I am beginning to feel the colour creeping back into it. Whoop! I am more determined than ever now to book my ideas up and get my butt into Falmouth now, there goes my social life.....
Oh and the countdown is on. Exhibition is in T minus 3 weeks! 22nd- 27th of June in Coventry city center in what used to be the petshop in the Old Arcade.... Now christened as Unit One. Come see it and ill give you free sweets :)
Love & kisses, off for a much deserved sleep now xx

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Frickkin eyyyyyy.....

I got a letter in the post today and do you know who it was from? Only Falmouth university saying ive got an interview on the 8th of April! Frickkin eyyyy x10! After spending hours agonising over my wether or not my personal statement was sufficient enough to obtain an interview I have finally been put out of my misery so now I can start worrying about wether or not my portfolio will get me a place! Crap burgers! Was going to have an early night but it looks like im off out to celebrate now! Peace to your mother xx