Thursday, 28 May 2009

My resolution for next week is...

...To stop being a bum and update my blog more often! I have no excuse as I have been doing plenty of work that I could post. IM JUST LASY.

Ok so you may have been wondering how I got on at my interview.... I flopped it :( I was too nervous and completely ballsed it up. But hey ho, ill be back again next year. Ive applied for a foundation course at Coventry university so ill be keeping myself on my toes untill I go back next year! Im going to pester them untill they just let me in to shut me up! Muaha!

Soooo, ive been experimenting with different styles and so far this is what ive come up with...
Im a bit all over the place at the moment and its reflecting in my work. I cant quite get my head down and do anything I actually give a crap about. Im pretty sure its because being rejected from Falmouth has had a bit of an affect on me but even though its has caused short term numbness of the brain I am beginning to feel the colour creeping back into it. Whoop! I am more determined than ever now to book my ideas up and get my butt into Falmouth now, there goes my social life.....
Oh and the countdown is on. Exhibition is in T minus 3 weeks! 22nd- 27th of June in Coventry city center in what used to be the petshop in the Old Arcade.... Now christened as Unit One. Come see it and ill give you free sweets :)
Love & kisses, off for a much deserved sleep now xx

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