Thursday, 11 June 2009

Spending the pennies I havnt got yet again!

Just preordered my copies of James Jeans Process Recess 3, Kindling poster book and Skrwl Triptych journals! Wont be with me for a few months yet but im still exciteddddd!

OK exhibition in 11 days and counting and am I ready? The short answer is no. Crazy things have been happening the last few weeks, been flinging glaze, covering young women in baby oil and plaster, Baking carrot cake, snogging a shitzu, cutting hair and having in depth emotional dialemmas which I am currently trying to put aside for debate at a later time... preferable after my head stops aching from the exhibition! More explainations later as I now have to get in the old power shower and get my bum to college. Oh joy, another bus journey in the depths of Coventry.

I promise to take photos today and get them up on here tomoroow night at some point as I have been doing some pretty interesting stuff recently.

Mwah xx

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