Monday, 13 July 2009

Its over...

Its officially the end of my college life. I shall mourn it on long cold nights. On a happy note though I completed the course and achieved all Distinctions which is the best you can get! Brilliant, now I just have to sort out all the sketchbooks/ sculptures/ body casts/ Junk that I have managed to accumulate over the last 2 years! Its so strange to look at some of the work I was doing as recently as just before christmas and compare it to what I am now producing. Hopefully when I look back in another years time I shall think the same of the work I currently create.

Oh got a pretty interesting commission going on at the moment, have been asked to do a bit of body art on a woman who saw some of my old pictures of experiments with body paints. She wants me to make her look like two face/ harvey dent from batman! Basically lots of burns and blood and bleeeeehhhh! Ive gotten really into it and have been searching high and low for materials to use on her. Should be interesting anyway. Will be carrying out some tests which I will post on here and then August the 8th I will be doing it for real. Exciting stuff!

Havnt been a very good blogger recently have I really, I have been meaning to put up photos of how the exhibition went a couple of weeks ago but everything has been a bit crazy what with finishing college and such. Oooo and I now am the proud owner of a lovely piano! But more of that another time. For now some photos of what my part of the exhibition looked like...

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  1. Thats a rather cool little freelance commision youve got there.