Thursday, 6 August 2009

Update for August....

Well my prettys much has been happening in the world of April, The materials arrived that I ordered for the special fx makeup job I was spouting on about last time so I had a practice on my own face and have put a photo on here for your enjoyment. In the final piece her head will be covered with half a bald cap and the blood and gore shall be continued up onto it and down her neck and ear and also on her hand and arm. EXCITING.

I have also been slumming it in hospital which wasnt so fun but im out and well now which is all that matters. I have an interview on wednesday for a foundation course at Birmingham city university which im pretty confident about, I need to put my portfolio together for it which I plan on commencing this afternoon. I have also decided that I need to give myself a bit of a nudge up the backside now if I want to get into Falmouth next year so I am compiling an online portfolio so that I can write to publishers and galleries in and around the west midlands and get them to have a peek at my work as I really would like to have some work published by the time my interview for Falmouth comes around next year. If anyone has any tips on getting work illustrating books and such please let me know as Its time for action now. Similarly if anyone would like any work doing please get in touch, I have a very diverse range of skills that vary from paintings and sculpture to murals and body painting. I will give anything a go so drop me an email and we can go frome there.

I shall leave you with some random pieces from my sketchbook and such... xx

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